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We want to create awesome and inspiring work, aligning creative strategy with exceptional results. A collaborative approach ensures the end product is tailored to your specific needs. Creating a visual connection with your customer is important to your success.


With a long career in Sales, Adam had always been involved in the Marketing and Media processes as I got more involved with the company. With my background in photography and video, I quickly realized that was what I wanted to focus on and do. He took the time to get better at the business side of Media Content Creation, and then started to look for somewhere to use these skills. He has been shooting photography for over 15 years and loves to shoot ocean, surf, nature, and all types of photography. He has shot for magazines, online publications, social media platforms, and numerous companies. In his free time he also shoots for large charity events and uses his photo and video skills to help these organizations capture the events, and the happy faces of the people that are participating in them.

Carly Long

Carly has a background in journalism working as a staff writer and copy editor, Carly possesses the perspective of a story’s entire life cycle, which allows her to work quickly, with integrity, and determine which content will provide maximum engagement on a variety of platforms and syndication opportunities. Carly’s own photography has landed in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and The Zoe Report, and she has done portraits of notable musicians from different genres as well as reality TV stars. She has also assisted renowned celebrity photographer Heather Hazzan on editorial photoshoots with Glamour Magazine and Elle Magazine’s Personal Style Awards. Carly has run viral cross-channel campaigns, as well as social media takeovers on million-follower accounts. She has secured coverage in 600+ media outlets such as Good Morning America, ABC News, Inside Edition, CBS News, Fox News, The Kelly Clarkson Show, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, Bravo, USA Today, Architectural Digest, The New York Times and more. Carly is passionate about giving back, securing over $300K in corporate sponsorships for the annual LLG Gifted Wedding for couples in need, and fundraising through her self-taught painted photography business, White Poppy Studio, which has been featured globally from London to Australia to Fox News and National Geographic.


A graduate of Marist College with over 20 years of graphic design, web development and digital marketing experience. A man of few words as you can tell, but at least he knows how to use a computer and the internet very well. In his off time he likes to work on his Jeep, watch the Yankees and build things on the internet.

The first step on every project is to work closely with you and your team in order to gain a better understanding of what it is that really makes you and your business tick. A successful campaign should be based around your core business goals, engaging your customers while communicating your unique value proposition. The experience can be an exploration for the user as well as the business owner. Let them choose their own adventure or lead them where you want them to go.
From initial contact to end product we ensure our services are completed at the highest possible level in an efficient time frame. Clients regularly receive progress updates and are always kept in the loop throughout the duration of the project.

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